COVID19 Infos

Protection and security of guests as well as of companies with their employees must have top priority when reopening. In order to guarantee this protection in the best possible way, guidelines and recommendations were developed. If we all adhere to these guidelines, there is no obstacle to secure hospitality in the Apparthotel Silbersee.
Our protective measures for you:

1. We regularly clean touched objects and surfaces, such as door and window handles, light switches, railings etc. in the hotel.

2. Our apartments are cleaned and disinfected with special attention before your arrival, especially the most touched items such as remote controls, handles, touch screens and light switches.

3. We provide you with sufficient disinfectant and soap for washing your hands. Disinfectants can also be found in the lobby.

4. We ventilate regularly, keep the door open when the weather is nice.
Behavior for guests:

1. Wear a facial mask in common areas such as lobby, ski storage and stairs. Keep at least 1 meter away from other people, except people from the same household or fellow travelers from the shared accommodation unit.

2. Pay contactless if possible. Pay the invoice preferably with a card.

3.Follow the instructions of the employees.
4.Avoid shaking hands and hugs.
5. Wash hands several times a day with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
6. Avoid touching the face with uncleaned hands.
7. Sneeze or cough in the crook of the arm or in a handkerchief.

8.Do not travel if there are signs of illness. If there are signs during the stay, contact the host.

With your care you protect yourself as well as the other guests and your hosts!


Apparthotel Silbersee

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